Welcome Fellow Pilgrims

Thank You for viewing my Sermon Site.


I’m afraid I had to update the site again, even though I hadn’t finished the update in the old format. HOWEVER, I think this site, while different, offers a search feature the other site didn’t.

Don’t know how much I will actually be doing now that I’m six years into retirement, though I have some ideas. This whole site began as an experiment to see if I could build a site. Then it expanded into a site for the members of my congregation. And then, other clergy started asking about my sermons and started visiting. So, I kept posting every week when I finished my sermon work. thanks for your support all these years.


For those interested, I’ve uploaded a “Way of the Cross” video inspired by the Roman Catholic “Stations of the Cross” pamphlet which I found in the pocket of the bus seat while my wife and I were on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, years ago. What you will find here continues to be a work in progress. It was created by me from a Protestant perspective using photos and video taken by me at the life-sized Stations of the Cross which surround the Cross of the Plains located in Groom Texas. 

I hope and pray you find this moving not only during this Lent/Easter season but also in all the seasons of your spiritual journey. I offer it during this different and difficult season in which we find ourselves in the year 2020. May this draw you closer to Jesus and deeper into you walk with our Lord and Savior. While we use this to prepare for the celebration of Easter and the Resurrection of Christ from the grave, remember, He Is Risen, is with us and loves us whether we can gather together for worship or not. 

He IS Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!


To answer the questions I’ve received most by email and phone.

2015 Sermons are up to date.

I have moved my Blog: BS With Billy to this site because I let the site on blogspot lapse and now it takes you to a site trying to sell you something

My hope is that you will find these messages inspirational, uplifting
and helpful in your pursuit of the Christian life.

May God bless you in your ongoing Journey of Faith.


Since I Retired, These Are Some Of My Plans For The Site


  • I still need your patience as I reload all my sermon archives.
  • I’m still working on the Scriptural Index like the former site.  (I really haven’t forgotten it takes a long time)


  • My Favorite Illustrations
  • Movie Clips which work as illustrations (Where to find them and how I used them)
  • Resources for Preaching (Both Lectionary and non-Lectionary 
  • Worship Ideas That Worked For Me
  • Stewardship Resources
  • Who knows what else? I will have more time to devote to the site.

Hope this helps.

Grace and Peace,